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Classic Summer Activities To Introduce To Your Kids This Year

Classic kids summer activities

As the summer gets hotter and the school holidays get closer, it’s probably getting to that time of year where you’re thinking, how can I keep my kids entertained?

Well, although there are plenty of things you can do if you are willing to travel a little bit in the car, on hot days, driving in the car is probably the last thing you want to do, am I right? So, let me tell you about some of the best and simple classic summer activities to keep your kids entertained throughout the summer!

Activities To Do This Summer

There are plenty of fun and simple activities to do at home this summer and with a little help from you, your kids can be kept happy and entertained! Why not give a couple of these activities a go:

Freeze your own ice lollies

I think we can all agree that on those really hot summer days, everyone fancies eating something to cool them down, maybe something like an ice lolly. So why not try and make your own! All you need are some fruits of your choice, a blender, some moulds (for your ice lollies) and some sticks.

You could let your children pick their favourite fruits for your ice lollies to make an enjoyable healthy treat! There are lots of easy recipes to follow but why not check out this recipe to make Watermelon Lollies Recipe | BBC Good Food.

Summer Kids Water Guns

Test your water gun skills

It’s time to get those water guns out that you’ve been storing away and test your skills! A great idea could be to set out some buckets, plastic cups and bowls and challenge your kids. Maybe you could do parents vs kids and see who can get the most water in the objects in the quickest time. Or maybe you could even get crafty and create different cards with points in and place those by the objects you have placed out and see who can get the most points!

Paint rocks

A fun and creative activity to do might be to paint some rocks! Maybe you could go on a family walk and see if you and your kids can find some big rocks to paint (around the size of your hand would be a great size rock to paint) and once you have found a few you could set out a blanket in the garden and start painting them.

Or if you’re unable to go on a walk to find some rocks to paint, maybe you could have a look around your garden! Just remember to watch out that you’re not taking any rocks away from the animals' habitats!

Child Painting Rocks

These are just a couple of different classic summer activities that you could do this summer with your kids. You could also consider putting some water sprinklers out and let your children have a run through those or have a friendly game of hide and seek in the garden.

Just remember on those very hot days to put your sun hats on, apply some sun cream, be careful not to get burnt in the sun and enjoy yourselves!

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