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Healthy Eating Week

Healthy Eating Week

Healthy eating week is a week to challenge yourself, friends or family to have a healthier diet, organised by the British Nutrition Foundation.

A healthy diet with lots of nutrition can support normal growth, development and ageing. It can also help you to maintain a healthy body weight and reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

There are many benefits to eating healthy and eating foods with lots of nutrition. So this week we’re challenging you to take part in healthy eating week!

How to get involved in Healthy Eating Week

The British Nutrition foundation's big message for this week is to ‘Eat well for you and your planet’. So for this week we’re encouraging you to follow these themes for each day of the week:


Focus on fibre! Fibre can be found in a variety of different foods such as wholemeal bread, brown rice, peas and beans. Fibre is great for cleaning out bacteria from your intestines and reduces the risk of colon cancer.


Eating your five a day! There are most likely over 100 different fruits and vegetables, so this week would be a great chance for you to find what different fruits and vegetables you or your kids enjoy eating! After doing so, challenge yourself to eating 5 a day.


Eat your protein! Protein is a great source to eat in order to help your muscles bones repair and build. Protein can also be used as an energy source. Different meats such as chicken and turkey and dairy products such as milk and cheese are great sources of protein.


Stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of water is essential for delivering nutrients to the cells in your body. Being well hydrated can also improve sleep quality.


Reduce your food waste! Sometimes it can be hard to judge how much you might eat for dinner, so why not try putting a smaller portion on and if you’re still feeling hungry afterwards, help yourself to another portion. By this you could be saving a lot of money on food that might be going to waste.

However you choose to complete these challenges either by yourself or with your family, why not make it even more fun! Maybe you could make it a competition, parents vs kids! This way your children may be more encouraged in taking part and why not create a prize for the winners.

Another way to get involved is by following this link Healthy Eating Week - British Nutrition Foundation to complete a registration form to receive different emails with updates and links to resources to help you plan for healthy eating week. This foundation isn’t there for just the week either. If you find yourself wanting to carry on eating healthy but you’re not sure how to, by registering you can still receive emails and different links to sources to keep you motivated and to help you plan for the week ahead.

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