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Best Indoor Activities For Kids When The Weather Is Too Hot

Kids Indoor Activities Summer

Although the weather might seem very nice outside, sometimes it can be safer to stay out of the sun when it’s too hot.

I know many of you may have children who are very eager to get outside and play which is great! But on those extremely sunny days, sometimes it could be better to be a little cautious.

Fun Things To Do Indoors

On those really humid days that we've been having so far this summer, when the air starts to feel very muggy and warm, it’s hard to find the motivation to do much. Even though there are plenty of things to do indoors, in between that mix is also a variety of simple activities that can keep your kids entertained this summer when the weather is just a little too hot.

Kids Indoor Summer Activities

Let's start off with some of the simple things you could get up to indoors with your kids:

  • Play a board game - maybe a game of monopoly to get the whole family involved and entertained for hours!
  • Complete a puzzle - maybe make it a challenge to see who can complete their puzzle the quickest.
  • Get out your old photobooks - and enjoy looking back at old pictures with your kids. Or if most of your photos are digital, maybe you and your children could get creative and design and order a printed photo book with their favourite pictures.

Family Movie Night

Now that we have come up with a few simple activities to do indoors, what about some creative ideas:

  • Family movie night - You could get baking during the day and make a few cupcakes, ice lollies or any snack of your choice ready to eat with the movie! Maybe if you decide to make a sweet treat, your kids could even help decorate those treats! And if you can’t decide what movie to watch you could write down a film onto a small piece of paper, throw it into a bowl and have someone pick one out to decide which movie you could watch. Making a den to watch the movie in is also a creative way to keep little ones busy whilst using their imagination!
  • Create a scavenger hunt - Firstly you just need to create a couple of clues and hide them, each clue should be a clue to find the next one. It would be a great idea to leave some sort of a ‘hidden treasure’ at the end for your kids to find. It could maybe be some sweet treats or you could create a coupon to have an ice cream that they could use by the end of the day.

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