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Autumn Crafts For Kids

Autumn crafts for kids

Can you believe it, summer has come to an end already! Not to worry though because we have plenty of things to celebrate and do during Autumn.

Many people make the mistake in thinking as the weather gets a little colder and the nights begin to get darker earlier that there isn’t as much you can do to keep your kids entertained. But luckily for us that isn’t the case! You could get crafty using natural materials or try eating some new healthy vegetables, so let’s dig into what you could get up to!

Arts and crafts ideas for kids

If your children enjoy getting creative and you don’t mind letting the kitchen get a little messy whilst they do so, these arts and crafts ideas could be great for you and your little ones!

Autumn Crafts Leaves

Leaf hedgehog - creating a leaf hedgehog can be quite simple yet really fun for your children! All you need to do is either draw or print out a page with a cartoon hedgehog on and ask your children to gather up some leaves. You could do this by going on a family walk and spending some quality time together doing so or even just getting them out in the garden for some fresh air and to see what they can find is also a great idea! Then all they need to do is glue and layer the leaves on the picture of the hedgehog. I can promise you now that their hedgehogs will be very unique!

Autumn Crafts Trees

Pom-pom fall tree - now this activity might get a little messy but the end results will make lovely keepsakes! For this activity, you will need some green and autumn colour paints (for example red, yellow, orange, brown), some pens and a piece of paper. To create your pom-pom tree you just need to get your kids to paint or draw a tree trunk with some branches which they can colour in. Then they’ll need to dab their finger into one of the coloured paints and press their finger lightly on the page to create a sort of pom-pom, until their tree looks full! You can also use this as a chance to talk about how the green leaves on the trees outside are now turning brown, yellow and other colours, as well as chatting about why the leaves fall off the trees in Autumn so they are learning something while having fun with crafts too.

These are only a couple of creative ideas that you could use during autumn but if you decide you want to do something a little different Fall Crafts For Kids - Art and Craft Ideas - Easy Peasy and Fun have lots of other creative ideas that you could do.

Eating healthy through Autumn

Autumn Vegetables And Fruits Crafts

Eating healthy is still very important during Autumn, as it is all year round. But what are some of the best fruits and vegetables to eat during Autumn? Well, although you can eat apples all year round, it’s said that they are usually best to eat around Autumn time. Broccoli is also considered to be in autumn and it’s also packed with vitamins!

A good tip for those who have fussy eaters at home is you could try and cut those fruits and vegetables up to look ‘better’ to eat for little ones, maybe even if it’s by cutting it up in smaller pieces!

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