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Unlocking the Meaning of Movember: A Month for Men's Health

Movember Moustache

If you've ever dismissed Movember as just a hipster excuse to grow a moustache, it's time to rethink. Regardless of your thoughts on facial hair trends, understanding why people participate in Movember is crucial. In essence, the month of November is dedicated to men's health, shedding light on issues that often go unnoticed. During this time, we aim to tackle the stigma around mental health and encourage open conversations among men and boys.

While the Movember movement supports various causes, its primary focus is around prostate and testicular cancer. So, when you notice that unmistakable moustache, let it serve as a reminder – it's time to check your own testicles, your partner's, or encourage your mates to do the same.

The Movember Challenge: From Clean-Shaven to Moustache

We acknowledge that not everyone possesses the ability to cultivate even a hint of upper lip fuzz. Instead of getting frustrated, consider channelling your energy in a different direction, such as running. While it may seem like an uneven trade-off, remember that it's all in the name of a noble cause that can save lives. So, set aside the complaints and start the journey of training and transformation!

For a resource on all things Movember, we recommend visiting the official Movember website at

Alarming Statistics: A Wake-Up Call for Men's Health

To truly grasp the urgency of Movember's mission, it's essential to delve into some statistics:

  1. Testicular Cancer: In 2017-2019, despite a commendable 91% survival rate for testicular cancer, there were still 65 unfortunate deaths attributed to this condition.
  2. Prostate Cancer: In the same year, a staggering 12,039 lives were lost to prostate cancer out of a shocking 52,254 diagnosed cases. 78% who receive a prostate cancer diagnosis will survive for ten years or more.
  3. Suicide: Perhaps the most alarming statistic of all is suicide, almost 6,000 people every year commit suicide; Men account for 74% of those deaths making them 2.9 times more likely to die by suicide than females.

Saving Lives through Communication

Empowering ourselves and our communities with knowledge is the first step towards saving lives:

  1. Testicular Cancer Self-Examination: The self-exam for testicular cancer is remarkably straightforward and should be performed at least once a month, ideally in the shower or whenever it crosses your mind. To perform the exam, gently hold one testicle between your thumb and finger, feeling for any unusual hard lumps, smooth bumps, or changes in size, shape, or consistency.
  2. Prostate Cancer Awareness: Look out for changes such as increased frequency of urination, difficulty urinating (including straining, incomplete emptying, or post-void dribbling). If any of these symptoms manifest, it's imperative to schedule a medical evaluation.
  3. Supporting Mental Health: Allocate time for the people around you, ensuring they are doing well and providing them with the opportunity to share their struggles. Look for signs that someone may be concealing their pain. If you find yourself grappling with suicidal thoughts, reach out to someone you trust. Alternatively, you can seek assistance from helplines such as:

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Movember is more than a trend; it's a movement that champions men's health and the power of openness. By understanding its significance and actively participating, we can make a profound difference in our lives and of those around us. Let's embrace this month of change and transformation, not just for our appearances but for our well-being and the well-being of future generations.

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