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HealthcareConnect - Health Insurance Scheme


Did you know that at General & Medical Healthcare we can offer voluntary private health insurance schemes as an alternative to our regular individual or corporate policies?

Our HealthcareConnect scheme has been designed to give companies, clubs and associations the ability to offer voluntary individual paid private health insurance to their employees or members, but at a significantly discounted rate and it’s completely free to set up! There are a wide range of benefits included with HealthcareConnect and we have listed some of these below.

How does HealthcareConnect benefit companies?

If you have a client who is looking to provide their employees or members an exclusive benefit like discounted private health insurance then our HealthcareConnect solution can be perfect for them. Benefits can include:

  • HealthcareConnect can enhance your client’s overall employee or member benefits package by giving them access to discounted health insurance.
  • Your client can introduce the benefits of discounted health insurance and enjoy the rewards of a happier, healthier workforce whilst attracting and retaining the best people.
  • Members who join the scheme will also benefit from additional extras such as our Health and Wellbeing services, which provides a range of medical information at their fingertips, including access to weekly lifestyle programmes such as quitting smoking or losing weight and access to confidential telephone counselling.
  • Your client will benefit from stability with an agreed set discounted rate for their employees or members.
  • Members who join the scheme will receive support from their Health and Care Support Specialist, who will be on hand to help them in the event of a claim.
  • As a broker, you will be able to manage the scheme and receive commission for every policy placed through the scheme.

How does HealthcareConnect work?

The process is flexible and simple. At General & Medical, we will set your client up with a unique online HealthcareConnect page, which they will then need to share with their employees or members, informing them about the availability of the scheme. Employees or members will be able to visit their designated page and retrieve quotations for private health insurance with their exclusive discount included.

To ensure awareness of the scheme we will support you and your clients with a range of media, at no cost to them. For example:

  • Posters for display in communal areas.
  • Promotional leaflets or emails that can be circulated throughout the organisation.
  • A Company intranet hyperlink or image linking directly to our HealthcareConnect

As a broker, there are many benefits you can offer your clients through General & Medical. Our customers receive a wide range of rewards, other than just their healthcare policy. Customers who take a policy out with us can receive gym discounts, online rewards and optional upgrades to enhance their cover.

For more information about our HealthcareConnect scheme or our products and services please talk to your Business Development Executive on 0800 980 4601 or visit our website at

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