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General & Medical makes radio debut on Cambridge 105 Radio!

Ali Chris Health Insurance Interview

Two of General & Medical’s finest recently featured on Cambridge 105 radio to discuss the benefits of Private Health Insurance

In recent times, the requirement for Private Health Insurance has grown exponentially. As a private healthcare provider, General & Medical know this all too well.

Recently, Sales Manager Ali Clarke and General Manager Chris Challis made a guest appearance on Neil Whiteside’s afternoon show on Cambridge 105 Radio. The topic of discussion was the benefits of investing in Private Healthcare, and how it can be less expensive than people may think.

Specifically, the conversation centred around how increasingly affordable Private Health Insurance has become, and in particular how the service is becoming more and more prevalent in relieving the strain on our NHS.

Speaking with Neil, Ali explained; "Now more than ever, Private Medical Insurance is definitely something that people are taking out – more so than they ever have in the past. Years ago, Private Medical Insurance was perhaps seen as more of a luxury product… but the arena has really changed now. We’re seeing your normal, everyday people taking out a Private Medical Insurance policy to give them quicker access to healthcare.

"We see articles every day in the press about the NHS waiting lists – and I think that’s worrying people. Whilst the NHS is still there and does an amazing job, people are finding that they’re having to wait longer than they ever have before. People are struggling to get in to see their own GP; it really is a postcode lottery as to how quickly you can get an appointment. We like to believe that the service offered by companies like us can release the burden on the NHS."

Summarising the convenience of Private Medical Healthcare, Ali continued; "You’re getting the same level of care and seeing the same doctors as you would in an NHS setting. But you’re doing it in a private setting - what that gives you is more choice. When you have an appointment with the NHS, it comes through the post in a letter telling you where you need to be and when. You may need to take the morning off work or arrange childcare; it may not be the most convenient. Private Medical Insurance gives that level of convenience back to the patient: you book an appointment for a time and place that is convenient to you."

If you missed it, you can listen back to Ali and Chris’ chat with Neil on Cambridge 105 radio here.

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