Nuffield Health Gym Membership - 20% Discount Terms


  1. General & Medical Finance Ltd have organised a 20% discount off Nuffield Health gym memberships for existing G&M customers and new G&M policy holders.
  2. Anyone who takes out a private health insurance policy across our Essentials, Everyday, Lifestyle and Elite range of products will receive a promotional code that will entitle the policyholder to a 20% discount off a gym membership with Nuffield Health.
  3. The promotional code will be sent via email to the policy holder 30 days after their private health insurance policy starts
  4. The 20% discount only applies to the policy holder
  5. The gym contract will be between the policy holder and Nuffield Health.
  6. This offer does not apply to customers who already have a gym membership with Nuffield Health.
  7. General & Medical is not responsible for the membership and for dealing with any claims or any other issues arising out of, or in connection with the contract between you and Nuffield Health.
  8. General & Medical are not liable for any personal injury or death associated with the Nuffield Health gym membership.
  9. General & Medical reserves the right to end the promotion without warning at any time

Full terms and conditions for the Nuffield Health gym membership can be found here -