Elite cover

Elite cover

Elite cover is our highest level of personal medical insurance, including cover for dentistry, optical services, GP visits and palliative care for cancer patients. If youโ€™re looking to use your health insurance to cover you for absolutely everything, the Elite range is your best option.

Not only is your health covered, but the Elite package looks after maternity services and the costs of boarding your beloved pets too.

Elite cover

Elite is our highest level of cover. In addition to all of the benefits included in our Essentials, Everyday and Lifestyle products, Elite provides cover for routine dental services, optical services and for private GP services as well as palliative care for cancer patients and prescription costs.

You will also benefit from exclusive offers and discounts on luxury products, services and experiences.

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Benefit Elite
In-Patient Benefits โœ”
24/7 Health & Wellbeing Services โœ”
Treatment for Cancer โœ”
Home Nursing โœ”
Extended Treatment for Cancer โœ”
Treatment for Heart Conditions โœ”
Out-Patient Psychiatry โœ”
Private Ambulance โœ”
GP Advice Line 24 hours a day โœ”
Medical Cover Outside the UK โœ”
Monitoring of a Pre-Cured Eligible Condition โœ”
Dental and Optical Benefits โœ”
Private GP Services and GP Minor Surgery โœ”

To view all the benefits that are covered, please view ourย Private Health Insurance Brochure