Essentials range – affordable health insurance for you

With our Essentials range of private health cover, you will be entitled to a whole host of benefits including our 24/7 Health & Wellbeing services. If your biggest health concern is a history of cancer in your family, Essentials Plus includes access to cancer treatments and palliative care giving you the peace of mind that if you receive the worst news, you’re going to get the best care.

Remember, faster consultations mean faster treatment which will enable you to hold onto your health and wellbeing in the long run.


The Essentials Range is designed to give you the benefits of private healthcare, at the lowest cost. Because of this, the Essentials Range has proved very popular with individuals and families, who may not have considered Private Health Insurance before.

Our Essentials product provides you with a vital level of cover. You'll have fast access to an initial consultation and diagnostic tests so you can find out very quickly whether something is wrong*. You'll also be covered if you need to be admitted to a private hospital for surgery for an acute condition.

Essentials may suit you if you are looking for an essential level of cover for in-patient surgery. Essentials has an annual overall maximum benefit limit of Β£50,000 per person.

Essentials Plus

Upgrade to Essentials Plus and you’ll get access to cancer treatments, palliative treatment and hospice care. Comprehensive cover is also given for admission to a private hospital for surgery of acute condition. Essential Plus may suit you if you are looking for a comprehensive level of in-patient cover.

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Benefit Essentials Essentials Plus
In-Patient benefits βœ”Β  βœ”
24/7 Health and Wellbeing ServicesΒ  βœ”Β  βœ”
Treatment for Cancer βœ— βœ”
Home Nursing βœ— βœ”
Extended Treatment for Cancer βœ— βœ”
Treatment for Heart Conditions βœ— βœ—
Out-Patient Psychiatry βœ— βœ—
Private Ambulance βœ— βœ—
GP Advice Line 24 hours a day βœ— βœ—
Dental and Optical Benefits βœ— βœ—
Private GP Services and GP Minor Surgery βœ— βœ—
Medical Cover Outside the UK βœ— βœ—
Monitoring of a Pre-Cured Eligible Condition βœ— βœ—

*Cover is only available where the initial consultation and diagnostics relate to an in-patient admission.

To view all the benefits that are covered, please view our Private Health Insurance Brochure