Lifestyle – protecting you and your family

Lifestyle cover

Private health insurance plans aren’t just created with an individual in mind, you can look after the health of your whole family. Our Lifestyle cover is designed to give you and your family full cover for any in-patient admissions, enhanced cancer treatment and out-patient benefits.Β We want to look after you and your family which is why when you take out health insurance with us, you only pay for your first child and all others are free*

Other benefits included in the Lifestyle health insurance package include home nursing, heart condition treatment and the flexibility of a GP Advice Line 24 hours a day.


Our Lifestyle cover is designed to give you and your family full cover for any in-patient admissions as well as enhanced cancer cover and out-patient benefits. You will also benefit from exclusive offers and discounts on luxury products, services and experiences.

Cash benefits for life and critical illness are also included. In addition, with access to our GP advice line 24 hours a day, you and your family will be able to discuss any health concerns at any time, without having to trouble your own doctor.

Lifestyle Plus

Our Lifestyle Plus cover gives you all the benefits of Lifestyle but with higher limits for out-patient benefits, cover for a private ambulance and home nursing. There are also cash benefits included for personal accident and temporary disablement.

Lifestyle Plus also provides you with medical coverage outside of the UK. If you or your family are taken ill or are injured overseas, Altus Plus is designed to meet the medical costs and the costs of transportation back to the UK for urgent medical attention. Cover is also provided for a doctor to accompany you, if necessary.

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Benefit Lifestyle LifestyleΒ Plus
In-Patient benefits βœ” βœ”
24/7 Health & Wellbeing Services βœ” βœ”
Treatment for Cancer βœ” βœ”
Home Nursing βœ” βœ”
Extended Treatment for Cancer βœ” βœ”
Treatment for Heart Conditions βœ” βœ”
Out-Patient Psychiatry βœ” βœ”
Private Ambulance βœ” βœ”
Parking Charges βœ” βœ”
GP Advice Line 24 hours a day βœ” βœ”
Lifestyle Rewards βœ” βœ”
NHS Cash Benefit βœ” βœ”
Life Cash Benefit βœ” βœ”
Critical Illness Cash Benefit βœ” βœ”
Personal Accident Cash Benefit βœ— βœ”
Temporary Disablement Cash Benefit βœ— βœ”
Medical Cover Outside the UK βœ— βœ”
Monitoring of a Pre-Cured Eligible Condition βœ— βœ”
Dental and Optical Benefits βœ— βœ—
Private GP Services and GP Minor Surgery βœ— βœ—


*Any child selected for the pre-existing condition upgrade will be charged at our full child rate plus the upgrade supplement.

To view all the benefits that are covered, please view ourΒ Private Health Insurance Brochure