Broker Support

Over the years we have devoted much time and effort to our administrative and IT systems. The emphasis has been to provide a highly flexible framework that is ideally suited for both the individual and larger corporate markets - from underwriting terms to benefit provision and client servicing, so we are ideally positioned to meet the needs of any Broker.


The technology we use is both innovative and intuitive; it provides the tools that allow us to identify and produce appropriate solutions to meet the requirements of both you and your clients.

Once registered with us as a Broker, or an Introducer, you will receive username and password details to a secure area of our website. When logged in, you will have access to product information, a quoting system and be able to view your agency and account details.


All Brokers registered with us must ensure that they are fully conversant with our products and services. In order to comply with FCA regulations, we provide everything that is needed for the Broker to attain the high standard of knowledge required. This is achieved through training sessions, telephone support and our comprehensive literature.

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General and Existing Client Enquiries

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