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In-patient Health Insurance Benefits

In-patient Benefits

When you take out a policy with General & Medical you’ll receive in-patient benefits which relate to your level of cover.

Out-patient Health Insurance Benefits

Out-patient Benefits

We cover a range of out-patient benefits throughout all of our policies and these benefits vary from initial consultations and specialist fees to out-patient psychiatry.

Health Insurance Cancer Cover

Cancer Cover

Private Health Insurance is there when you need it and our Essentials Plus, Everyday range, Lifestyle range and Elite policy will cover you for the treatment of cancer.

Personal Health and Wellbeing Services

Health and Wellbeing

Offering you and your family support when you need it with our free 24 hour Health and Wellbeing services featuring a wide range of programmes, medical information, telephone counselling and advice.

Lifestyle Rewards

Lifestyle Rewards

Exclusively available to you is our Lifestyle Rewards which offers discounts on a wide range of luxury products, services and experiences.

Free Child Private Health Insurance

Free Child Cover

We understand the importance of family which is why when you take out private health insurance for yourself and your first child, the rest go free, no matter how many you have!

NHS Cash Benefit

NHS Cash Benefit

A cash benefit is payable to you for each night you receive treatment without charge in a public ward of an NHS Hospital for a condition for which the same treatment would otherwise be eligible under our scheme for the covered persons to receive privately.

Refund Hospital Parking Charges

Hospital Parking Charges

We have a brand new benefit to our Lifestyle, Lifestyle Plus and Elite healthcare policies!

What's next?

We want to suit your needs and budget, take a look to see what cover options we have available for you. We can adjust your premiums with different excess levels, a lower level of cover and different hospital choices.

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