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Your health and wellbeing are important to us and we want you to have access to the finest level of support.

That’s why when you take a private health insurance policy out with us we’ll provide you with access to our complimentary 24/7 Health and Wellbeing Services. Our Health and Wellbeing service is designed to provide advice and support for personal and professional issues on a wide range of subjects.

Telephone Counselling

It’s important to look after your health and that’s why you’ll have access to a 24-hour telephone counselling service, it’s there when you need it. You’ll be able to speak with a fully trained and qualified counsellor without travelling or disrupting any of your other commitments.

Health Checks

Our online Health and Wellbeing support also includes free mini health checks. If you’re worried about an issue or you’re not sure whether you should seek further help or advice then a health check can put things into perspective. You can find out if you’re drinking wisely, if you’re fatigued, what your BMI is and much more.

In addition, you can also complete an online Health Risk Assessment (HRA) which will ask you about your health conditions, family history and addressable lifestyle factors. You will then be provided with a personalised in-depth interactive report about your health and wellbeing which includes valuable information such as your health risks and how you can lower these. You can also set goals, plan targets and track your progress through your own personal goal planner.


You’ll have access to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) self-help modules which features support on a wide range of issues. Online CBT is recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) as the most effective therapy for stress.

Medical Information

You’ll have a vast array of medical information at your fingertips with our Health and Wellbeing Services. If you’re looking for further information on a particular medical condition then you’ll be able to access information efficiently rather than having to search all over the internet yourself.

Lifestyle Programmes

If you want to lose weight, sleep better, quit smoking and much more, then you’ll have access to four week online programmes. These programmes are there to support you when you need assistance to help cut down on something in particular or change your lifestyle completely.

Everyday Life Support

Not only will our Health and Wellbeing services look after your core health but we also offer informative articles which cover a range of subjects including legal, financial, family and relationship problems. These articles are designed to provide insight into a variety of everyday topics in order to help you with any queries you may have.

Download our Personal Health Insurance Brochure or call us on 0800 980 4601 to find out more.

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Pre-existing Conditions

We offer Private Health Insurance that can cover some pre-existing conditions.

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Our Private Health Insurance has been designed to suit all needs and budgets, take a look to see what covers we have available. You can also enhance your cover to include pre-existing conditions, add Multi-Trip Travel Insurance or include in-patient mental health treatment.

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