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Reimbursed Hospital Parking

Take a Lifestyle, Lifestyle Plus or Elite healthcare policy out with us and we can reimburse your parking charges. It’s the little things that matter, so you don’t have to worry.

If you require a consultation with a Consultant or treatment for an authorised claim at a participating hospital, private or NHS, and if the hospital has its own chargeable car parking facility, we’ll reimburse the cost of hospital parking for your vehicle up to a maximum of £15 per day. If your car is parked continuously for more than 24hours we will only reimburse the maximum of one day's charge for that stay.

If this benefit is included in your cover, it will be shown on your Schedule of Cover. We do not reimburse any excess or penalty charges or costs of offsite hospital parking. Neither do we reimburse any costs for visitors parking.

You must submit an original dated receipt from the facility to us within 30 days of the claim for your treatment. A maximum of 20 days per annum is claimable for reimbursement.

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The kids are going back to school so we thought we'd treat you this September with 10% off all of our healthcare policies! Get your free quote today!
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