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Managed Care

Managed care is a system which allows health insurance providers to reduce the cost of their bills by having contracts set up with certain hospitals or healthcare professionals, but still offering quality care.

This system gives insurers more control over who provides the care to their customers. It can also be simpler for the customer, leaving them to focus on their health and getting better. A managed care system puts control in place, meaning customers aren’t overloaded with a range of information from every possible hospital. Managed care also allows insurers to select medical facilities and professionals who meet their standards of quality.

Did you know when you take out a private health insurance policy with us, you could have access to over 800 of the best private hospitals and medical facilities throughout the UK?

We have an extensive list of Participating Hospitals for you to choose from, which can reduce your premium. These have been categorised into three different groups;

  • First Choice
  • Freedom
  • Premium

Private Health Insurance

The health of your family is important and Private Health Insurance can give you peace of mind if they become ill. Don’t just take a backseat, find out how little Private Health Insurance could cost you.

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Pre-existing Conditions

We offer Private Health Insurance that can cover some pre-existing conditions.

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What's next?

Our Private Health Insurance has been designed to suit all needs and budgets, take a look to see what covers we have available. You can also enhance your cover to include pre-existing conditions, add Multi-Trip Travel Insurance or include in-patient mental health treatment.

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