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Family is important to us and we understand that looking after yours is too. That’s why we’ve made it easier for you, we make it a great value and extremely simple by including the Kids Go Free benefit.

After you’ve bought yourself a policy with us, all you have to do is pay for one child and if you have any more kids, then they will be encompassed under your health insurance with all the same options, just for free!*

As well as receiving a great health insurance policy with General & Medical, you should also keep in mind all of the other benefits you’ll have access to. You could take advantage of our valued 24-hour Health and Wellbeing Services, which includes telephone counselling, everyday life support and further advice on a variety of topics. To top that off, you’ll also have access to over 2,300 unique deals across a wide range of products, services and experiences with our exclusive Lifestyle Rewards.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not! Get your free quote today to see how little health insurance could cost you.

* Applies where children are included as dependants within an adult’s policy only, and any child selected for the pre-existing condition upgrade will be charged at our full child rate plus the upgrade supplement.

Private Health Insurance Benefits

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Our Private Health Insurance has been designed to suit all needs and budgets, take a look to see what covers we have available. You can also enhance your private healthcare cover to include certain pre-existing conditions, include in-patient mental health treatment and more.

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