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At General & Medical, our Private Health Insurance schemes are designed to look after your health and cover new and unexpected medical conditions.

We offer a choice of underwriting options available for you to choose from. Whether you’re new to the private health insurance world or you are transferring from an existing scheme.


Moratorium is one of the most popular methods of underwriting private medical insurance in the UK. Not only is it typically cheaper than the alternatives, moratorium health insurance makes the whole process quick, easy and unobtrusive.

Moratorium underwriting doesn’t require individuals to go through medicals or disclose their full medical history. Instead, all pre-existing conditions from the past five years are excluded for a set period (ours is 24 months). Provided no symptoms emerge in that two-year period after the cover with us begins. These conditions can be included on the cover thereafter.

Full Medical Underwriting

We’ll ask medical declaration questions regarding your past health and any pre-existing conditions and related conditions will be excluded unless we agree to accept them. Any exclusions will, however, be shown on your Schedule of Cover.

Continued Underwriting Options

For all underwriting options, proof of previous insured terms will be required. You may need to state whether anyone on the scheme has suffered from cancer, heart, psychiatric or orthopaedic joint conditions in the past, depending on the size of the scheme as additional terms may apply.

Continued Moratorium

You can apply on this basis if you are transferring from an existing scheme, which is underwritten on a Moratorium basis. Your original moratorium period must not already have expired and must still be in force with at least 12 months remaining. We apply our Moratorium conditions as above with effect from the commencement date of the scheme from which you are transferring.

Continued Personal Medical Exclusions

You can apply on this basis if you are transferring from an existing fully medically underwritten insurance scheme. We will apply the same personal medical exclusions to your cover with us that were applied to your previous scheme.

For more information take a look at our Personal Healthcare brochure or give us a call on 0800 980 4601.

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